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Clap Your Hands Joyful Performances for Children and Families
Young audiences and their parents bubble with enthusiasm 
as Helzner involves them in singing, dancing, clapping and laughing. Robyn weaves storytelling, mime and music into joyful programs for the whole family. Featuring selections from her Clap Your Hands and I Live in the City recordings, these energetic concerts are designed to welcome a special holiday or brighten any afternoon. 
A leading interpreter of Jewish children’s songs, Robyn brings a natural warmth and sparkle to every performance. Family concerts are presented in solo performance, or with the Robyn Helzner Trio. “Your program was received with only superlatives such as ’excellent,’ ‘fantastic,’ ‘beautiful’ and ‘perfect for my class.’ 
We were thrilled that you could be with us.” —Bureau of Jewish Education, Los Angeles, California “Your songs were perfect for our audience. Not many entertainers could be so energetic for the toddlers and yet heart-warming for their parents at the same time.” —Center for Youth & Family, DCJCC, Washington, D.C.

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